Content Management at Its Best

Do you want to edit your web site directly? What about copying and pasting from a word processor? All of this can be done with the Content Management Systems (CMS). Now YOU are in control of YOUR web site.

The days of building "static HTML" pages one by one are gone. Content Management Systems (CMS), blog software, Social Networking sites and other technologies now fill the landscape. There are many powerful and free tools available today: how will you use them?

We use a powerful CMS that has been tested by thousands of developers for over 10 years. The robust system is easy to use and does not require that you pay for or download any expensive software for your computer. What's more is that a variety of third-party modules and components extend the CMS's functionality providing limitless options! (What is a CMS? How is this different from using Dreamweaver or creating HTML pages?)

Features of the CMS

  • Completely database-¬≠driven site engines
  • News, products and/or services sections are fully editable and manageable
  • Topics sections can be added to by contributing authors (multiple user access)
  • Browser upload of images to your own library for use anywhere in the site

Extensive Administration:

Back End Administration: Control the content, members and other components and elements of your web site. Multiple users can simultaneously be logged and make changes without overwriting each other's changes.

CMS: Media Manager

In-line Text editor similar to Word Pad allows content to be changed easily and quickly without any knowledge of HTML coding. All of the software needed to change content on the site is located on the web, so there is no expensive program to buy to make changes. Simply log in to the web site with your username and password, navigate to the content item you want to edit, and make your changes in real-time:


  • Remote author submission module - News, Articles, FAQs and Links
  • Object hierarchy - as many sections, departments, divisions and pages can be added
  • Image library - the site administrator can store PNGs, PDFs, DOCs, XLSs, GIFs and JPEGs online for easy use with the Media Manager:
  • News feed manager - Syndicate your news items so that users around the world can subscribe to the frequently changed news on your site:

RSS 0.91 RSS 1.0 RSS 2.0 ATOM 0.3 OPML

  • Archive manager. Put your old articles into cold storage rather than throw them out
  • Email-a-friend and Print-format for every story and article

Additional Components / Add-ons

One distinct advantage of this platform is that additional components, modules and widgets can be integrated at a later date.

Calendar: when combined by member-level access, it is possible for members to add events with/without admin approval

Newsletter: integrated or third-party (e.g. Constant Contact)

E-commerce: physical or downloadable products

Registered Users / Membership: including several levels of access

Video: flash video player with cross-platform functionality

Audio: flash player

Blog: several options available

Forum: can be behind membership or public

Podcast: video, audio, or both

Document Manager: authorized users can upload from the "front-end" of your web site, an administrator can control a variety of options for user access from single user access to creating custom groups, and much more

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