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Joomla Hierarchy Explained

This video details how Sections, Categories and Articles work together in the Joomla CMS and how pages on the site are controlled by menus.

There is also an advanced topic: how section, category and article IDs work.

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How to edit content with the content management system

The video below will show you how to edit content with the content management system including:

  • how to format your text
  • how to insert and control links
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General CMS framework

This is an introduction to the CMS system. This is the best place to start as it gives an overview about:

  • What is the "backend" administrator panel and how does it work?
  • How does user management work?
  • What is the menu system?
  • What are components?
  • What are modules?
  • What are content articles, and where are they managed?

The video is 11:02 minutes long.

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How to Insert /Change Images

The below video assumes that you already have an image sized for the web. If not, you will need to learn how to do that (video coming soon).

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Link to a PDF
  1. Upload a pdf (Site --> Media Manager, find folder "pdf", "browse" your computer for the file, then click upload )
  2. Figure out where the pdf resides (click on file, then click in Image/URL box to select exact file name)
  3. Go into calendar event, and add pdf as a link (select text, then select "link" icon and paste PDF location in the URL box, click on insert)
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