The Process
Web Site Development

Are you ready to get your web site up and running? Do you have questions about where to start? We can help you build your first web site, rework an existing web site, spread your ideas to the best online audiences and much more.

Your concept: first glance.

What is the high-level overview of what you would like to do online? There are many variables that go into a project, and we'd like to know what you are thinking:

  1. Do you know what specific technology you want to use?
  2. What is your price range?
  3. Do you have a requirements document? (Here is a good explanation of what a requirements document is, and how to begin the process of writing one.)

First meeting: online web conference or in-person.

Once we have an idea of your project, we can begin discussing specific details. A requirements document helps us to move very quickly through the process, but if you don't have one, we can help you create one.

The first meeting is our opportunity to work side by side with you and review web technologies and their functionality. For example, a client may tell us that they are interested in creating a blog so that they can facilitate communication with their networking group. After more examination of the details, it may turn out that a forum better serves their needs. (What is the difference between a blog and a forum?)


In short, the first meeting is to help us understand each other's businesses at the proper level of detail so that we can propose the best solutions.


The Proposal Process: what, when and how much?

We believe that setting expectations is paramount to a healthy relationship. Accordingly, we take your input from the above dialogue and create a proposal that:

  1. Summarizes your requirements
    • Design Direction
    • Functionality
  2. Defines specific tasks to be completed by you and by us
  3. Details the features of the technology to be implemented
  4. Describes available support levels and plans
  5. Lists what information we may need from you
  6. Details the project timeline:
    • amount of time needed for the major steps of the project
    • when each phase starts/ends
  7. Includes the proposed costs and payment schedule
  8. Outlines our technology development process
    • who to contact with questions
    • how to check on the progress
    • how to provide feedback
    • and more
After we submit the proposal, we look forward to either refining the deliverables, or signing a contract to begin working with you.

Project Management: efficient communication.

We want you to be in the loop as we develop your project. After years of working with both simple and complex web projects, we have found that project management software greatly improves the timeliness and flow of information from client to developer and back.

Upon becoming a client, you will receive login details where you can see the details of your project. You will be able to see the progress of each task, be able to comment as we move along, and submit files. You will be prompted during the development process to look at changes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we need your feedback in order to meet your expectations.

Project delivery: online web conference or in-person.

Once our developers have completed all of the steps outlined in the proposal, we will schedule a meeting with you to go over the details. After we review the project and verify that the proposed work has been completed to your satisfaction we will provide you with all of the information you will need to go forward.

Support and Training: now and again.

As part of the web development project, we provide some basic video tutorials that apply to your web site. These are then placed into your account on your web site in an area where only you can see them (when logged in as an administrator). Other, more general videos can be found in Tech Umbrella Group's resource library. The username and password you used before to login to the project management system will work.

Support contracts are available for ongoing development. We have found that a retainer model works well to consistently keep your web site up-to-date. Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) and online marketing are served with this model as well. Contact us for more details about these services.


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